An actress from The Vampire Diaries, replaces Angelina Jolie in the role


The majority of the fans of the TV meets crush, Arielle kebbel as Lexi in The Vampire Diaries. Although, a friend of Stefan, not it has appeared in many episodes, his involvement has been iconic to the general public.

Now, the actress, the debut from his new project, a series of the Lincoln Rhyme Hunt in the Bone Collector. In the production of the AXN, kebbel’s plays a character that has already been experienced by Angelina Jolie in the movie.

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Changing the world of vampires and supernatural creatures for the criminal investigation and the player’s real-life crush, Arielle kebbel has a huge challenge ahead of us.

Check out all of the new series, and it is the role of the actress!

Along with Russell Hornsby, crush, Arielle kebbel starring in the new series, the Bone Collector, based on the iconic work of an author, Jeffrey Deaver.

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The book had been adapted earlier for movies, with Angelina Jolie in the lead role. In the movie, the name of the protagonist was changed to that of Amelia Sachs, to Amelia Donaghy.

In the new series, the main character keeps its original name and many of the most important features of the character.

“My favorite part of the Bar is their vulnerability, and at the same time, it makes it stronger. Sometimes it is understood that it is capable to do so. And I really like it. I’ve always believed that someone is courageous, is not necessarily to never feel fear,” says Arielle kebbel’s.

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Lincoln Rhyme: the Hunt in the Bone Collector follows the story of detective Amelia Sachs, who joined the investigator in a wheelchair to Lincoln Rhyme, to discover the identity and arrest of the serial killer known as the Collector’s Piece.

The series premiered on AXN on may 18, and it shows as the first season.

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