Angelina Jolie’s powerful and gorgeous at the trailer for the film, Marvel’s


Marvel has revealed for the CCXP is the first preview of The Eternal, of the next film in the MCU.

While the video has not yet been made available to the Chief, ” we have a description of all that has been revealed to you, how can you track a below.

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“The trailer begins with a door opening, and soon after, a man says that he’s been missing from the group in front of him, formed by the Eternal spirit. He then asks them if they feel like they are at home. Man, it was revealed how Ikaris (Richard Madden). Everyone is in normal clothes.

After that, we accompany Sersi (Gemma Chan), in a field, and headed in the direction of the tree. When you tap on the tree, Sersi looks up to, and immediately after, we see the heroes lay out on the beach, at the edge of the ocean at the end of the day, as if you don’t know where they are.

As soon as the night arrives, they are gathered around a campfire. Ajak (Salma Hayek) seemed to be the leader of the Eternals.

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Sersi appears to be more of a turn on looking for something you can’t know what it is. Then the Eternal will appear in a situation where it looks like a preparation for a fight.

This Land and these people… they have moved on. Right now, we need to protect them,’ says Ajak.

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Thena, played by Angelina Jolie appears stunning, dressed in a suit of white armor, and reaching for the face of his opponent.

The Eternal appears in the air and for a few, all of them are going to be walking away from the ground. They seem to be absorbing some kind of energy. The trailer ends with the logo of The Eternal, and it is formed.”

The Eternals, the Marvel comics, will make his debut on October 29, 2020 in Brazil.

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