Bella Thorne will be honored for the direction of the x-rated movie


Bella Thorne (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The former actress of Disney Bella Thorne you will receive a prize from the site PornHubafter driving an x-rated movie inspired by Romeo and Juliet. In the film, an adult is entitled Her & HimShe or He is in the Portuguese language.

In the second edition of Framing the Awards Show, which will take place in October, Thorne will receive the Vision Award. In your social networks in a Body is putting out from the audio recordings of the details of the behind the scenes of his first work as a director of the movie as an adult.

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After a advertising career in porn, Bella Thorne dresses up in her play with the imagination of the fans

“I was inspired to make the film was, basically, to think about the relationship between a man and a woman, the struggle for dominance and how it relates to us and our world, as a scene of sexual”said Twilight, who was pansexual, posting it on the cover of the movie.

“If you don’t think that porn is uncomfortable, I’m sorry to make you feel uncomfortable”continued Thorne. “But you don’t make other people feel uncomfortable because they are ok with it”ended with her on her Instagram. Also, in the caption, she revealed the details of its “The film will premiere next month at the international Film Festival Oldenburg, Germany”.

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