Exitoína · Stupid, Love? The producer adds further evidence that Lady Gaga will release a single soon


It seems that the Stupid Love is closer to that of a fan of Lady Gaga.

Producer Mark Ronson has released a photo of the singer, on this Monday (10th) with a caption which reinforces the indication that the track will be released soon.

“It’s stupid how much I love this pic,” wrote Ronson, which is a reference to the alleged titles of the new music. In free translation, it means “It’s stupid how much I love this photo. Check it out:

According to the sources of the Hits Daily Doublealready you are all set for the release of the song has already leaked on the web last month.

The expectations came after some of the fans to find clues in the cógido the source of the web site of the year”. It was in this way that the title of Stupid Love it was first discovered.

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Most recently, in the case that the release to happen this Friday (the 14th), Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day in the us, it gained strength after the photo concept of the Concert was visited by the social networks.

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