Five 5273: “what time to leave the final draw this Wednesday, the 19th of may

The The machine it is one of the favourite choice of the lottery in the Box with their drawings on a daily basis. On Tuesday (19)the contest is on the Corner the number 5.273 you will pay R$ 4.4 million for the lucky ones who hit you with the five tens.

The The Metro Newspaper comes with the prize draw, live from the 20h, and shares a link with all the numbers drawn so that the result is to be confirmed. Keep track of and update this page to find out the results.

The bet they can be made in any of the they will take home up to the 19. Also, it is possible to wager over the internet on the site Lottery Online. For this reason, you need to be over 18 years of age, and make it a fezinha” of not less than$ 30.

The draw in the previous Five

In the contest prior to the The machineon Monday (the 18th), no one took the jackpot that you have accumulated. The other 59 people came to the four-figures, and led to a R$ 7.7 thousand in each of them. Please click here to view the winning numbers from the previous contest.

The rules of the Corner

To play The machinejust check the 5-to-15 decades from the 80’s that are available. The winner is whoever has hit a 2 on the 5 numbers. Check out the price of the bet:

  • $ 2 – the numbers
  • $ 12 – six-figures
  • R$ R $ 42 – the seven digits
  • R$ 112 for the eight numbers,
  • R$ 252 – nine
  • The R$ 504 – ten numbers,
  • R$ 924 – numbers 11
  • R$ 1.584 – 12 numbers.
  • R$ 2.574 – 13 numbers
  • R$ 4.004 – 14 numbers
  • R$ 6.006 – 15 numbers
Five Lotteries in the METRO Andrew Porto’s Metro