Kylie Jenner will never prevent Him from Scott to spend Christmas with her, and the Stormi


When it comes to Christmas Kylie Jenner(it is destroyed with a hit Rise and Shine) just want to spread the joy!

According to a source, the star, 22-year-old from KUWTK are you planning to celebrate the holiday season at the side of the Travis Scott in the next week or so. However, it is not for the reason you think: the two of they want their daughter Stormi Websterenjoy the holiday with their parents.

Kylie and Travis will be spending the holiday season together with Stormi in Los Angelesit, ” said a source to the The E! News. “They will do things together as a family, to leave everything in the best possible way to Stormi. Travis will be at the party with your family, as well as in a number of other events. They are excited to give Stormi a great Christmas“.

The source explained that even though the two have ended in October, and they wanted the baby to have an experience of a lifetime at this season of the year.

Despite the fact that they have given you the time in a relationship, there is no doubt that they are going to be together for Christmas“he explained to the source. “They are a family and that hasn’t changed. It is very important to the Case, and to Him, that Stormi is with her parents there. They are creating memories that we hope last forever“.

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A second source, he expressed his feelings, and added that Jenner and the rapper are going to make it all Up. Incidentally, they also want to gather all thefamily events“that makes no sense.

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They want to keep things ‘normal’. Travis is always invited to all the events in the family, and it’s going to be thereit, ” said the second source. “He and Kylie are on good terms, and they want to spend all the times together as a family of three. Kylie would ever exclude Him from the holidays with Stormi, and she is grateful that it has been included in“.

The source said that the two of you, “Stormi is a top priority“.

At the beginning of this week, the founder of the Kylie’s Crafts he showed how the interior of your home fans, where she showed a huge Christmas tree with a festive decorations and, well, bizarre. In the video Youtubethe star of the reality said for the internet, which was the main reason why it has decided to invest heavily in the decor.

I love Christmas, traditionalit, ” she said. “I love it because I really wanted that Stormi had the same experience as you when I grow up. All of the special memories that I have created“.

The small one was shocked at all the decorations. “It’s crazyit, ” said Stormi and when you see a tree full of ornaments in the living room of the Case. The same and much more, the children also gave a hug to the statue of Santa Claus.

It seems that she’s the star of a reality tv show, is now very much enjoying the Christmas season, even though he did not yet have begun in earnest.

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