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And a member of the editorial HERE IN SÃO PAULO mark’s presence here on my blog to give you a the tip of the quarantine. The tip for this week is a news reporter for food China Has The Most. And the tip of it is in the AppleTV+that is, to me, surprising by the quality of the content. I like to call it, has chosen the award-winning series, The Morning Show, ” starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrel, and given the price of a four star hotel. Check out the article in the text.

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“The show is The Morning Showwhich are produced by Apple inc, that is based on the movement in #MeToo and narrates behind the scenes at the fictional program of the same name. To the front of the bench, newspaper, tv, daily, Alex, Levy, and Mitch Kessler, the roles of Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carrel, do you wake up to “America” with news of the light and the at times superficial. Everything was going seemingly well, on tv, during the two-year partnership with the double, to the scandal of the sexual harassment of When it comes to the fore. In parallel, Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup), executive director of the entertainment you love to see the circus catching fire and taking the reins of the department of journalism of the channel, close professional relationships with Bradley’s (Reese Whiterspoon), a reporter for central, which is not afraid to speak what he thinks. Even with the removal of the anchor, the crisis undermines the company and affects every character in the game in a particular way. In the course of the ten episodes, there’s a sense of tension at all times, both on an individual and collective vulnerability and the consciousness is put into question in the face of concern about the reputation and character of each of them. Scenes of stark, led primarily by Jennifer Aniston, makes a series of encouraging the viewer to go on to the next chapter and the next, and the next… it Is an exciting game of power that no-one (least of all the station wants to lose.”

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