Taylor Swift invites fans to the brand new lyric video for “The Man” |


Taylor Swift will continue with the dissemination of “The Man”. The “Taylor Nation”, the team of the singer and has fans all over the world to record videos of the song the song from the album, “Lover,” and sending it to @taylornation13 on Twitter. The best will be selected to be a brand new lyric video for the song.

The Man had to do to win a lyric video (10 million views), a clip ($36 million), and a live video feed (3.6 million). Today’s song is off of the majority of the uk and the world. It is not in the Top 100 on Spotify or iTunes in any other country. She remained on the Billboard Hot 100, at 88, mainly for the performance of the radios in the us.

It is the fourth song in the working on the album, “Lover”, which has some of their greatest hits, “ ” I!”, “You Need To Calm Down” and “Lover.” The disc received a certified platinum by the duo in the United States, and Australia, and platinum in Canada, and New Zealand.

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