The agencies in the Box that are usually open during superferiado’, são paulo, brazil


The branches of the savings bank (Caixa Econômica Federal, in the state of São Paulo, will open in the next few days, irrespective of the anticipation of the holidays, both in the capital and in various towns and cities in the state, said a short time ago, the president of the bank, with Peter’s City.

According to him, the bank will act, including on Saturday for the withdrawal of the emergency relief assistance of$ 600 (R$ 1.2 billion for single-mother households).

Weather forecast: clear skies and mild temperatures on Wednesday in são paulo, brazil
‘Superferiado’ in St. Paul: here’s running in the municipal health-care

The president of the fund, presented a report of the payment of the second tranche of emergency relief assistance, which started yesterday (18) in order for the beneficiaries of the Family Grant program. Until the 14 century (the 19th), an increase of 3.8 millions of people had cashed about$ 3 billion in bank branches, at atms and at home-lottery.

Tomorrow (the 20th), the payment of the second tranche should increase with the onset of the release of the second batch for the workers, and registered in the Single registry for Social Programs from the Federal Government (CadÚnico).

Unlike in the case of members enrolled in the Family Grant, the money will just be deposited in a savings account, digital, and can only be taken out in kind, from 30 may to 13 June and, depending on the month of birth of the beneficiary.

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