The Kardashian’s have opened up their closet to the public, and it is a bit odd – the Observer

It’s a kind of a garage sale, or exhibition for the storage compartment in the large, by means of which the sisters Kardashian break up all of the pieces in Balmain, Vetements, or Off-White, that you don’t want to — it’s also a return to the shop of the 80’s, judging by the bizarre mannequins that are used on this site is to bring to life the looks of the run off. In any case, if you have always dreamed of replicating the look of Kim, Kourtney, or Kris, you can no longer gain access to a luxurious walk-in closet in one of the most famous families in the world, and the only drawback, at least for the time being, is that it only delivers in the us.

Three of the dresses from the personal collection of Kim Kardashian, is now up for sale to the public

After a series of successful projects in the business world Kardashian’s Kloset this is the name of the online platform for the sale of all of the pieces with the signature of the designer, who once had belonged to each and every one of the celebrities. “They were hand-picked by each and every member of the family, and they are available to the public in the unique way”, said the faces behind the project, with the house to explain the purpose of the Kardashina Kloset, is “to share in a part of the life-style of the Kardashian Jenner, giving the public the opportunity to purchase items such as these, while at the same time, promote sustainability.”

The followers of the matriarch and manager of the clan, Kris Jenner, also, you can count on a collection is waiting for you

If you like the style of the Case, or, Khloé, and just wait for a little while, because soon we will be able to have access to their respective collections. As for Kendall, one of the most popular in this day and age, it is reasonable to expect that it will be added in the same way, to this place, where there is no place for the unexpected, proposals, making , as it is a the little black dress Tom Ford and, as you might expect, for many of the solutions to the levels of the run-out to within the appropriate parameters, kardashianos.

Full of valuable bags in the wardrobe for Kylie Jenner, that is one of the most sought-after. Many items are already sold out, in spite of the many thousands of dollars are involved

As for the price, they do not seem to be prohibitive for those who already have depleted a good portion of the clothes and the accessories, especially the billion dollar major of the family, Kylie Jenner, (in the case of these shoes, you may want to put on the 38). And if the Kardashian’s Kloset is the distance, in some cases, large thousands, also find here in below the a $ 100. In the meantime, please note that the sisters do not accept returns.