Ultimatum – ” it took the superhero genre


During the interview, the official web site of Vanity Fair Scarlett Johansson commented on “Upcoming Deadline“ and as for this movie, it will be important for the continuation of the superhero genre on the big screen.

“I’m really proud of the Ultimate, because it is a very ambitious undertaking. I feel that it delivered what the fans expected it to be. It was very good. I feel that it has succeeded in elevating the genre of super-heroes in different ways, allowing all the characters to have their moments of high drama.”

He said.

“We know that this is rarely the case in this type of film. Ultimate has been driven by its characters. I was so excited and proud of me when I heard it for the first time.”

For the record the course of events that are generated when Thanos wiped out half of the universe, and broke the ranks of the Avengers and takes on the heroes and others to try to one last step into the great conclusion to the Marvel-Studios-and-twenty-two feature films.

Upcoming Deadline he concluded The Saga of the Endless in the Marvel comics, with a flourish, making it the highest-grossing worldwide of all time.