Angelina Jolie celebrates the ‘strength’ of her mother, and reminds you of the infidelity of the father, 11/05/2020


Angelina Jolie wrote a lengthy tribute to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who was published in The New York Times:” at the end of the week. The actress also discussed the impact of the death of his mother in his life, and he opened up about how Marcheline was looking at the infidelity of the husband (and father of Angelina, actor Jon Voight.

“I lost my mother when I was thirty-something years old,” said the actress. “When I think back on that moment, I realize just how much her death changed me. It was not something sudden, but it has changed a lot. To lose the love of a mother, her embrace soft and warm, and it’s as if someone took away your blanket of protection, without notice”.

“I did have one small tattoo on my right hand after the death of my mother, and learned that the tattoos on the hands will wear out over time. It looks like a capital letter ‘M’ to Marcheline, it’s really a ‘W’ in ‘Winter’, the music of the Rolling Stones, for example, that she would sing to me when I was small,” he added.

“She loved to feel alive. He loved to laugh. When I was sad, she would put on this song to be played, which made me remember that I had a fire inside of me. One of my earliest memories is of her lighting the candles and spreading discs of the Beatles ‘” the house on the night that John Lennon was killed,” he said.

“The death of my grandmother, even before I was born, so did my mother, a woman of sad. By the time my father had had an extramarital affair that changed her life. That’s when his dream of having a family has been destroyed.”, he said on the show.

“Even though she loved being a mother. She had dreams of being an actress, but, at the age of 26, he was already creating the two children by a former husband, famed the launch of a shadow towering over her,” said still.

“Before she died, she told me that in dreams, you could simply change the way. In the dream she has nurtured to be an artist, he was, in fact, a dream come true for the mother. And, it was hoped that it would be mine too,” he said.

“I-I was just wondering how true this is. For a lot of women who have come before us, and the dreams used to take generations to achieve,” he reflected, Angelina.

The actress is also related to the status of a mother to her, raising the children after the divorce from Brad Pitt. “I know what it means to be alone, and you want to protect yourself and those you love. And I know how grateful I am to be strong enough to do so. When you children come into your life, they will immediately and forever be your priority.


Always up-to-date on social issues, Angelina wrote on the mother-child refugees” who have found in their humanitarian missions around the world. “Each and every one of them has started its journey with the promise that I would do anything to protect their children,” he said.

“When one of these women is beaten and silenced, a few of the things that are most tragic. By the asylum seekers, I have come to believe that a mother is the strongest person on Earth. The softness of your skin, it is misleading”, defined as of yet.

“It is a force driven by love and loyalty. There is no one that solves the most problems. She has only love to give, and that love oozes from her soul. When a parent asks for help, and you don’t give in, she may cry but she will never give up,” said the actress.

Angelina also addressed the issue of domestic violence, saying that “women are abused, they are not strong.”

“A lot of the time they are placed in the middle of the road, between their children and their children to violence,” he said. “They can either face isolation, and criticism, but you won’t be thinking, ‘if I can hurt it, but don’t hurt my son.” To Me, insult me and ignore it, but that is not my son. Take away my food, but it is not the food of my son,” he said.

“Well, then, to all the mothers around the world who feel helpless and just give all of your energy, every morsel of food, every blanket, for your child, I honor you today,” he said.