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The us dollar has slowed down the decline in the domestic market on Wednesday amid the news that the Ministry of Health has adopted a new protocol for the use of chloroquine against covid-19, from the first signs of the disease, and, contrary to the guidelines of the authorities, the medical and scientific research. The dollar, in the view of hit the maximum of R$ 5,7438 (-0,22), and the u.s. dollar in June, to$ 5747,00 (-0,28).

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The decrease compared to the actual follow, underpinned by the weak dollar in the overseas, in the midst of the higher price of oil and the future of stock Exchanges in New York city. The smallest of the u.s. dollar against the real, and the sooner, amounted to R$ 5,7133 (-0,75%), and$ 5,7150 (-0,83%), respectively.

There is an expectation on the disclosure, in whole or in part of the video of the council meeting on 22 April, and on the evidence today, in the afternoon, the businessman and the deputy of the senator Flavio jair bolsonaro (Republican-RJ, brazil), Paulo Marinho, the brazilian Federal Police in Rio de Janeiro.

In the schedule, the sooner,the General Price Index – Market (IGP-M) fell in the high and 0.01 percent on the second prior to may, after having increased by 1,00%, in the second reading, from the beginning of April. A new cut of up to 0.75 point of Interest in June, is expected, as well as a strong slowdown in the brazilian economy this year.

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The B3 has confirmed that the market will have normal operations tomorrow, Friday, when the city of St. Paul, was on holidays, and has mandated one day of the item is optional, as for trying to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

At 9h48 the us dollar in the view of shrinking 0.25 in, R$ 5,7408. With the dollar in the future, for June, fell to$ 5,7430 (-0,35%).

Soon, on the outside of the BC, the chinese (PBoC) has kept unchanged its reference interest rates for the loans. There is an expectation on the annual meeting of the legislature of china, which begins on Friday (22nd).

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