Exitoína · Katy Perry has revealed the title of her next single, ‘Harley’In Hawaii’


The singer also talks about a reconciliation with Taylor Swift: “I felt as if she needed the support

Katy Perry she was interviewed today (the 17th) on the radio on the australian KIIS 1065, in that it was also more about the process and the resumption of his friendship with Taylor Swift and for your next a single.

When asked about how it was the end of his quarrel with the fact that I proved to you that he felt he needed the support at the start of their world tour Reputation, “I had the feeling that she was about to embark on something great, and want to help.

This was the case as I was wrapping up a tour of the The Witnessthinking that this is not a situation in which a lot of people are usually putting in: “it May be as many as five people can have this kind of conversation, so it’s something that we need to understand, to celebrate our friendship and give support to each other.

It was just then that sent him to the branch of olive, to her, wishing the best of luck in the next stage of his life, which was subsequently repaid with the cookies made by the Taylor, and it was highly praised by the king. And the whole friendship-turned-public-clip You Need to Calm Down.

Already, in an interview with Zach Sang, and held it yesterday (the 16th), I revealed the title of her next single: Harley’In Hawaii. Apparently, the clip should already be there, given that she was photographed in Hawaii taking part in a recording.

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There is still no release date, I still touting Never Really Over.

++Taylor-Swift-talks about relationship with Katy Perry: ‘I felt like I was lighter when we were very

It is worth noting that it has already revealed you don’t want to make an album, focusing more on the variety of singles in the new phase.

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