Harry Styles, one feels ashamed to talk about friendship with ex-Kendall Jenner


When asked about the matter, and the singer responds with several of the ‘OK’ button and grab a cup for a drink or two (watch the video)

To be a friend of an ex is not easy. For celebrities it can be even more difficult when all you want to know how you came to that relationship. The british pop star Harry Styles,, 25, became for a time somewhat embarrassed in an interview in the program of Ellen DeGeneres.

The film raises questions about whether Harry is still a “really good friend” and his ex-girlfriend, a model, Kendall Jenner. He says that, yes, there are a number of years.

When Ellen insisted on the matter, saying that this is a good thing, Harry seems to get more uncomfortable, he begins to respond to a number of “OKAY” until he picks up his mug for a drink or two, and try to finish with the weather being weird.

Rumors of the dating of the Stylles and Jenner began during 2013, without any warning. Three years later, they’ve returned to grace the magazine’s celebrity news from the company. At that time, the internet went crazy when he learned of the relationship, and the term “Harry and Kendall” ended up in the “trending topics”, the topics most discussed on Twitter at that moment. Shortly after this, came the rumours of the separation, the singer from One Direction, and the model is, supposedly, the lack of compatibility for the busy schedules.

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