Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to put off plans to get married and have more children

The pandemic of the new coronavirus has done with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. adiassem some of the plans that are important to the life of a married couple, such as a ceremony on a luxurious childhood in Italy to celebrate the wedding in the summer.

All the information is on the handout The National Enquirerthat also means that all the plans that She and her boyfriend have been extended to 2021.

In march of last year, He gave her a ring with a larger stone than a diamond for your loved one in the amount of$ 3.8 million, and asked her to marry me.

They have been together for a little over two years ago.

In addition to the plans for their marriage, She and Alex would like to have a child together. At the age of 50-years-of-age, she thought for a surrogacy to realize the dream.

The bride and groom already have children from other marriages.

The singer has twins, Emme and Max, nine-year-old, and baseball player, has been married before and has two children, Natasha, 12, and Ella, nine.