Jennifer Lopez is being processed in the R$ 615 mil, for posting a picture with the groom


Credit: Playback/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez gives a kiss to her husband, Alex Rodriguez (Credit: Playback/Instagram)

Rio de janeiro – Jennifer Lopez is being sued for infringing on the copyright for a photo is shared on your profile on Instagram, according to the portal, And!. With the click of November of the year 2017, it shows the singer with the boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, during an outing in New York city in the United States.

Furthermore, according to the channel, And”, in the process, it has been moved by one news agency and a photo, claiming that it’s the owner and the sole holder of the rights to the image posted by JLo on the social networking site. The company asks for a compensation of 150 thousand dollars, something on the order of R$ 615 million, and a restriction to prevent a couple of photos from their photographers.

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