Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith to return for the 2010 singing ” Never Say Never; don 14/12/2019


Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith reunited last night with friends and sang along to the hit ” Never Say Never, was recorded by the duo for the past nine years for the film the Karate Kid, which stars the son of Will Smith, then at the age of 12.

In a video shared on social networks, Bieber starts to sing with a microphone in his hand, and He reaches into the stream, singing his part.

In the session “nostalgia,” it was held during a party organised yesterday by Bieber and his wife, Hailey, in the Los Angeles area. In addition to that of Friends, is it possible to see Kylie Jenner in the background of the video, all in white, making it all.

The moment thrilled the fans and brought the guys on Twitter back in 2010: