Lady Gaga has reportedly revealed the name of the new song on Halloween; check it out


Lady Gaga
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It would have Lady Gaga revealing the name of a new song this Halloween? Her fans say so!

The singer published in their social networks photo of your pumpkin for Halloween in the United States, it is common practice to decorate the outer of the plant and then insert a light source inside of it. However, a detail that drew the attention of the little monsters.

On the side of one of the pumpkins was an iPod playing, a song called “Stupid”, “Love”. Even though it is not the name of a band Jason Derulo, netizens noted that the song was not a cover art, and the name was all in upper case.

What’s more, as indicated in the Chart, with the title, “Stupid”, “Love” has been on the fanbase since the month of August. A fan would have to be found in the record of a song with this name by Lady Gaga, as you can see here.

Is this the case?


All the rumors and speculation, the sixth studio album of Her music would be getting closer and closer to being released, are by no means new.

The last album of the singer’s Joannefrom the end of 2016.

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