Lady Gaga is back on the big screen in a film about a murder in the clan in the Gucci


In the year 2019, has been busy with Lady Gaga. The Mother Monster — as it is affectionately called by the fans, not come as a surprise. As a business owner, recently invested in the beauty market with make-up from Haus Laboratories. But his best performance was on the big screen. For the interpretation of Shallow has won the Golden Globe award and the academy award for Best Song. After success as an actress in the long-A Star is Born, and to boot up the positive reviews from the critics, the album has sealed a return to the “honeymoon”. The best part of it? The new album has a lot to do with fashion.

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This is not the first time that the singer has engaged in a career of an actress. Her debut on the series american Horror Story. In the program, she starred in Hero, a vampire, true, and it does show a need for a daunting for people to consume their blood.

Later, Lady Gaga is also in the release the blood, he played the character in the English Scáthach in the sixth season of the show.

The operation, in 2016, led the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Mini-series. As if that weren’t enough, the controversial Gaga had a documented, routine and events on the production and the release of their fifth studio album in music, Joanne.

Also, in the course of the documentary, titled Five Foot Two, it was the highlight of the presentation is a memorable one for the singer’s half-time Super Bowl champion, in the fall of 2017. The scenes depict, among other scenes, in the preparations for the show. The fans had the chance to witness up close the normally no-one sees it or knows it, including the physical and emotional challenges for the performer.

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GONZALO/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images
Lady Gaga on the set of American Horror Story in Los Angeles, California.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage/via Getty Images
The Performance during the interval of the Super Bowl in 2017 at the earliest, tx

However, it was on the big screen, that’s the Monster immersed in the film and played the lead character, Ally. In the the story the musical A Star is Born, was released in the year 2018, and Lady Gaga alongside Bradley Cooper. He lives in Jackson, Maine, is a musician in love with a young singer on the rise experienced by the united states.

One of the challenges for the artist who has been unbound to a character in and of itself. In addition to playing a role as an actress, But Her vocalized and wrote part of the soundtrack.

After booting from the positive reviews from film critics, the film received nominations for the academy awards by 2019. In spite of not having carried away the award for Best female performance, Gaga took to the stage to accept the trophy for Best Original Song for the Shallow.

The documentary is on Netflix, it was released in the fall of 2017

Directed by Chris Moukarbela the film, followed by Lady Gaga, for eight months

The Five-Foot-Two, shows with Lady Gaga for the release of the album in the run-up to the show at the Super Bowl, and to confront physical and emotional challenges

Play/Warner Bros. Pictures
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in a scene from the film A Star is Born

Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images
The two awards for the film a Star is Born, in London, england

Now, the award-winning actress is found again on the screens of the cinema. According to the magazine Variety, director Ridley Scott has confirmed that Lady Gaga is in a movie about the family of Gucci. In her new role, Her music will live Patrizia Reggiani, ex-wife of the heir Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of the founder of the brand name of the Italian who was murdered in 1995.

The well-known director and producer of the film Scott has directed the movies Alien, Gladiator, Lost, Mars, and Hannibal, for example. In the new narrative, you still don’t have a name published, but the Impression he sought inspiration in the life of The House of Gucci, to report the murder, and the detail of the dynamics and history of the clan and of the brand from italy.

The american magazine, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the interest of the director in turning the story into a long one. “This has been a project of long standing for the Night, with details coming for more than a decade ago. As an actress, Angelina Jolie, as determined, above, to play the role of Patrizia,” says the publication.

Play/YouTube/Dutch/La Vita in Diretta
Lady Gaga will play Patrizia Reggiani in the story. The Italian has met nearly 18 years in prison for masterminding the murder of her husband in 1995

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By Laurent MAOUS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images
Maurizio Gucci (the right-hand side of Roberto and Georgio Gucci

The fashion icon who is full of personality and confidence looks that you use it. ‘ve come burburinhos in the world fashion curious to see the tight that Gaga will wear in his second film, a time in which the model, being simple, it has not been the focal point of a Star is Born.

The various figures of the artist can be found when it comes to style. The trajectory of the fashion-forward Lady Gaga became famous for the production of the fashion iconic riscaram on the red carpet and took part in the event.

Over the years, she has been in the fancy dress of meat at the end-classic-long-black-signed by Alexander McQueen.

Couldn’t help but look back at the moments that most important of Lady Gaga in the the red carpet:

She Has Collaborated Her Person



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