Take the leap! Harry Styles and delivery that Kendall Jenner has been lying about not knowing One Direction before them, they date, and the model tries to explain: “It haunts me even today.”

Harry Styles has left Kendall Jenner with no escape route, ‘ the Late Late Show” on Tuesday (10). In addition to be made to the model, eat really disgustingthe presenter’s replacement, James Corden will still put it up against a wall to show off a picture of you proving that it was One Direction well before their date!

That is, according to the singer, Kendall told him that I had never heard of the band when they first met. Oops! “Kendall, we’ve been friends for a while, and I’ve heard that when we first met, you were a fan of One Direction… what exactly is going on in this picture?”financial crisis and Harry before they show you the picture of the model, there’s a poster by the name of the group.

“So, weren’t you the one who did the drawing?”he asked the other guest of the program, Tracee Ellis Ross. “I’m the one!”said Jenner. “You said that you had never heard of us.”recalled Later, putting the ex-girlfriend was in a skirt so much!

“Well, I don’t know… someone else asked me to do this picture, and I wasn’t even sure what it was for. I swear it”replied the younger sister of Kylie, laughing. “We believe in it?”, “said Harry to the crowd, getting a chorus of “no” for an answer. “Well, could you tell us the story behind this lovely photographhe said.

Look at the the click of Kendall for many years to come! ever. (Photo: Playback/Youtube)

“Someone asked me to do this photo using a Sharpie, or whatever it was, said Kendall, referring to the brand of the canetinhas that is used for the writing on the wall. “And I said, ‘of course’, but I wasn’t necessarily informed about what was in the One Direction at the time. But come to find out after I get to know you and I have become a true fan”and completed it.

“What I like about photographs is that they will live forever.”joked the singer. “That picture haunts me to this day! This is insane!”reacted to the model. “And so it was for Sharpie?”confirmed Harry. “I don’t think so,”she said, in doubt. “Thank you, Sharpie, for all the success”ended Harry’s, eliciting a laugh from the guests and the audience. What a publipost not to do, wasn’t it? Lol

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