Taylor Swift is giving financial support to the local record store, independent of the mid-south

Be aware of the time record that many traders are going through at the time of a pandemic of a new coronavirus, Taylor Swift, has decided to support a small business, a record shop, independent in los angeles, a city of great importance for your career.

“The Grimey”s New & Preloved Music” (see photo below), had to close its doors temporarily, and the help came just at the right time, with the artist’s commitment to pay for the three-month for the health insurance that the employees of the store are in the set, and also to send financial support to them.

Taylor Swift

So me and one of the owners of the Grimey”s talked to Rolling Stone magazine, and has been surprised and pleased. He is a member of the artist got in touch offering to help. “I had no idea that it was on the radar for her, but Taylor really is built to help you in Nashville, and other cities of the Tennessee, and after the recent tornadoes that have devastated the region, and now, she’s trying to help out a loved one’s small enterprise is in your city or town,” he said.

The Grimey”s existed for 20 years, and has been chosen as one of the top ten in the U.S. by the Rolling Stone magazine. It is well-known for having a great team of vendors, who are well versed in the dirt and be able to meet the demands of its customers, even in the most difficult situations.