The company’s Blue re-opens a five-bases-of-operation, and is expected to reach a total of 168 flights per day in June


The Blue one is going to be adding new non-stop flights, and is expected to resume operation in five cities across the country in the coming months. As disclosed by the company in a press release, on the 15th of June, in são paulo (SP), Aracaju(SE), and Natal (rio grande do norte will receive flights from the airline.

The city of Ribeirão Preto (SP), and return on the 10th of June, while in Rondonópolis (MT) will have operations in 22 June of that year. With the additions, the Blue one should arrive at a total of 168 take-off-in-day-off-peak hours.

“São paulo will have two daily flights to Rio and Belo Horizonte, brazil. The airport is in the capital city of são paulo there will also be day-to-day never-before-seen for the Reef, the center of the connection of the Blue line on the East, and Lakeland,” she explained.

Also, according to the company, in addition to operating in five destinations, and the Blue is also in line with the direct route to Santos Dumont to Porto Alegre, and rio de janeiro Santos Dumont-Brasilia, brazil.

As of 08 June, and the market in Campinas Araçatuba, you will win an upgrade to the equipment from the aircraft, the Caravan, out of the nine seats, for the supply of the 70-seat aircraft model ATR 72-600.

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