The government of the são paulo contracts, the 4.5-billion-beds for private patients covid-19


The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), announced on Wednesday, the 20th, and that the government will make the procurement of 4,500 inpatient beds inpatient private networking (vpn), of which 1.500 are in the intensive care unit. According to Doria, the hiring, “los angeles will be to double the number of beds that are available.”

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At a news conference at the Palacio dos Bandeirantes, the governor said that the channels should be in place and operational within 21 days.

According to Doria, the investment will amount to R$ 594 million, R$ 432 million for the procurement of beds of the ICU, and$ 162 million, to the beds of the infirmary.


The governor of Sao Paulo also announced on Wednesday the opening of a new field hospital, in Heliopolis, in the fourth run in the capital in addition to the hospital campaign, “world wide suicide”, Anhangabaú and the golden gate.

The new facility will cater exclusively to patients infected by the new coronavirus.

According to Doria, the hospital for the campaign of the Ethics that will work with a capacity of 200 beds, of which 148 out of the infirmary, on the 28th of stabilization, and 24 in the intensive care unit.

The cost of maintaining the hospital is$ 30 million divided over the next 6 months.

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The drive of the campaign will be run in the already established Ambulatory Medical Specialties (AME), Dr. Luiz Roberto Barradas Barata.