The Mega-Sena, 2263: here is the final draw this Wednesday, the 20th of may


After the award of a single bet of more than$ 100 billion on the last Saturday (the 16th), the Mega-Sena is offering a starting jackpot of$ 2 million to the player who hit all six numbers in Wednesday’s (20) in the contest, 2.263.

Here are the winning numbers for this Wednesday:

09 – 24 – 33 – 43- 49 – 57

The last of the Mega came out to one lucky person from the city of Curitiba, who won the award himself. The other 198 people stood in the corner, and led to a R$ 34.405,61, to the house.

The previous draw

You want to know what numbers came out last Saturday? Please click here to.

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