The movies that give you a History lesson


“1917”, directed by Sam Mendes, is a record of the First World War (Photo: Handout)

“1917”, directed by Sam Mendes, is a record of the First World War (Photo: Handout)

The extermination of the jews in the concentration camps. Prior to this, in the first world War. Prior to the battle of the Church against the devil. And still a lot of battles, slavery, and the civil wars in Africa. The defining moments of the Story are in the film.

For those who have a passion for historical narrative, or would like to know about the events that have marked the generations, and the people there are good movies on the streaming service.

Some, like “Schindler’s List”; they are signed with names such as Steven Spielberg. Others, however, were awarded recently at the academy awards, such as “1917”, Sam Mendes.

There are also movies based on books, such as “Beasts Of no Nation”, in the nigerian Uzodinma Iweala, or the classic “Dr. Zhivago”, based on the novel of the winner of the Nobel prize to Boris Pasternak.

The era of the Dictatorship in brazil is in the “What is it, Buddy,” and “Building” and the arrival of the jesuits in America is portrayed in “The Mission”, is a classic of the cinema of Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons.

The star of Angelina Jolie signs on for the lead by the first-in First They Killed My Father”, a touching story about the civil war in Cambodia.

To see or re-see


The passions, the ideals, and the terrible reality that threatens the life of a diplomat, Sergio Vieira de Mello, during his mission in Iraq by the united nations, in the film, Wagner Moura. In The Series.

“Jojo Rabbit”

Jojo is a young boy of 10 years old, which deals with Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi), as a close friend of mine, is in your imagination. Her biggest dream is to join the Hitler Youth, in the satire, which was nominated for an Oscar in the year 2020. In The Now”.

“In the Name of the Rose”

In 1327, William of Baskerville (Sean Connery), a franciscan monk, and Adso von Melk (Christian Slater), a novice with investigating murders at a monastery. In The Now”.

“The diaries of the Motorcycle”
The film by Walter Salles comes with Che Guevara (Gael García Bernal), a young Medical student traveling through Latin America. In The Now”.

“In the Name of the Father,”

  (Photo: Handout)

(Photo: Handout)

In 1974, a bomb attack from the IRA kills five people in the outskirts of London. The film tells the true story of a rebel irishman Gerry Conlon, who has been falsely arrested and convicted of the crime. In the Amazon, Prime Video and Movies Play.

“Doctor Zhivago”

The Russian Revolution through the lens of Yuri Zhivago (Omar Sharif), a doctor and a poet. It is based on the novel by Boris Pasternak, Russian writer, winner of the Nobel prize. On YouTube, Google Play, and the Movies Play.

“The Two Popes”

For the moment, that the Pope Benedict XVI’s approach to the Cardinal, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who became Pope Francis. In The Series.


The history of the ballot initiative which, in 1988, brought an end to the dictatorship of the 15 years imposed by Augusto Pinochet in Chile. In The Google Play Store App.

“The Wave”

Based on a true story which took place in California in 1967 as a professor who leads his students to the practice of the mechanics of fascism. The Movies Play.

“So be it”

More of an overview of the Second world War to show you an official in the Third Reich who worked on the development of the Zyklon B gas used to exterminate thousands of jews. The Amazon Prime Video.

“First They Killed My Father”

From the small Loung Ung (Sareum Srey Moch), is revealed in the horrors of the communist regime of the Khmer rouge in Cambodia, the film written and directed by the star of Angelina Jolie’s. In The Series.

“Good Bye, Lenin!”

In 1989, shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall, and the Sra. Kerner (Katrin Sab) falls into a coma. When this is not the East Berlin’s side. To Amazon Prime Video and Now.

“The Last King of Scotland”

The film depicts the real events in Uganda in the late ‘ 70s, when the dictator Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) had his power. On YouTube, Google Play, and the Movies Play.

“Waltz with Bashir”

The recurring nightmares of a friend to do it with than the director, Ari Folman sort of its own memory that is buried in the Lebanon War in the early to mid-80’s. On YouTube and on the Google Play store app.

“The House of the Spirits.”

A history of Chile, from the 20’s to the 70’s, with the onset of the Military Dictatorship, it is told through the eyes of the saga of the family Trueba. To Amazon Prime Video and Now.

  (Photo: Handout)

(Photo: Handout)

“What is it, Mate?”

The film by Bruno Barreto, shows the struggle of a student during the Military Dictatorship, and the plan is to kidnap the ambassador to the united states. The Looke.

“The Mission,”

The jesuit father Gabriel (Jeremy Irons) goes to the land of the guarani indians in South America, for the purpose of converting the natives to Christianity, and to build in a mission with slave trader in the search of redemption. In The Now”.


Frida Kahlo’s (Salma Hayek) has been a leading figure in the artistic history of Mexico and its unique story, told in this film. In The Series.

The “12 Years of Slavery”

Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is a freed slave who is kidnapped and chained up. Sold as a slave, and he goes through 12 years of hell. In The Series.


Oliver Stone shows you in the horror and carnage of the Vietnam War by the young recruit, Chris (Charlie Sheen). The Amazon Prime Video.

“Beasts Of No Nation’

The start-up of a child involved in the middle of a civil war in a country in west Africa. Based on the homonymous book written by a nigerian Uzodinma Iweala. In The Series.

“Black Blood”

At the turn of the twentieth CENTURY and into the twentieth century, with the explosion of the oil in California, the film that gave the Oscar for Best Actor to Daniel Day-Lewis. On YouTube, Google Play, and Now.

“Xingu river”

The film tells the history of the brothers of the Villas Boas brothers (Orlando, Leonardo and Cláudio), who were instrumental in the Roncador-Xingu expedition. In the world of Play, and the Movies Play.

“Heart Of Courage”

The warrior William Wallace (Mel Gibson) led the scots against the English king Edward I during the First world War and of the Independence of Scotland. On YouTube, Google Play, and Now.


The life and death of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the indian leader who waged a struggle that is based on pacifism, and against the British Empire in India. Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play.


The failure of the Intentona a Communist in 1935 and bears the Olga Benario (She was the first-born son) of a return to Nazi Germany, where it is carried on to a death camp. In the world of Play, and the Movies Play.

“The gladiator”,

The emperor Marcus Aurelius wants to leave the throne to Maximus, the commander of the army of the roman empire. But he was murdered by his own son, and Maximus goes to the Colosseum battles and bloody. Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play.

“Schindler’s List”

  (Photo: Handout)

(Photo: Handout)

The story of Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi Party during the Second World War, in which he used his fortune to save over one thousand jews from the concentration camps. In the Movies, Play, YouTube, and Google Play.

“Mandela’s Way To Freedom”

Throughout the course of the south african leader, from his childhood in a rural village. In the 27 years in prison, in the struggle against Apartheid to the election of the President of the republic of South Africa. The Looke.