The nine names are crucial, at the time of Camavinga Real Madrid


Zinedine Zidane

Just a call from zinedine Zidane to Camavinga it would be enough for him to pick Real Madrid in the place of others. In addition to this, his friendship with François-Henri lasts for more than a decade ago.

François-Henri Pinault

The son of the owner of the Garden, François Pinault, has more and more weight in the club. He has been married to Salma Hayek.

François Pinault

The tycoon, owner of the new york, the third of the fortune of the whole of France. With a fortune estimated at 37.5 million euros, it is number 37 on the Forbes list.

Juni Calafat

He is in charge of world football at Real Madrid. He was the one who put the family of the Camavinga in touch with your representative and who is doing the follow-up.

Moussa Sissoko

It is one of the representatives of the most influential figures of the French market, and it maintains very good contacts with new york.

Florian Maurice

The future sport director of the club. Their arrival at new york, was confirmed by a press release by Jean-Michel’s Lectures, the president of Lyon, france. It dealt with Real Madrid, when he hired Mariano to Diaz in the fall of 2017.

Nicolas Holveck

Appointed president of the new york on the 18th of march 2020, has a difficult task ahead: re-Camavinga.

Julien Stéphan

The head coach of the new york. He had Camavinga in his team and he made his debut in the Ligue 1.

Mathieu Le Scornet

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Aide-de-Stéphan. Credited with the discovery of the Camavinga, the one who hired him when he was just ten years old.