The signs of the zodiac and what they are good at keeping secrets


Some of the signs of the zodiac, they are loyal, and they can be very good at keeping secrets, be they about the self or about other people.

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When you put your trust and build a connection with a person, the cancerian can keep secrets very, very fair. It is open for your confessions and you will always try to be a good piece of advice to other people.

The scorpion

They are secrets, either their own or that of others, then the scorpio tends to always keep to themselves, which should not be disclosed. When he loves, he will support and fight next to each other, to keep your information secure if you need to.


The virgo is responsive, and always measuring the consequences of their actions. For this reason, it is not going to reveal the secrets of the other and you’ll know what you should save on its own, and is fair and wise and not at the risk of being crossed out from the gossip.

The sign of capricorn

The capricorn man can be very reliable in keeping to his promises, so he kept the secrets he confessed. Without fear of commitment, they will feel better when you know that you are doing the right thing, and so fulfil his word.