Video: Selena Gomez is asked in marriage by a fan and has no reaction to the iconic to the comment on past relationships: “a History of bad”; watch it!


No shut up this woman! Ever since his recent comeback, and Selena Gomez has spared no effort to know what you think! This time around, the humor, the star gave a statement in out-of-sincerona about your relationships with old ones… And we passed with an amazing response!

In a game on the radio on Kiss FM, Selena has had to respond to the comments of people when one of them asked her if she would like to be married to him. “Well, I have to say that I don’t know, my history is not that good, so I’m going to say ‘maybe’ if you are a legal. But I don’t know.”shot, having fun in the present. Musa also did not turn out to be in a hurry to do so: “I’m a girl with very busy, I have lots of things to do before it.”. Take a look at it:

Yes, also recalled how there had been a meeting with Lady Gaga by the year 2016, which has left the fans as well, curious. “It was right after the AMA. I had just come back from a treatment she had heard about my journey and how I was scared to go back. I had spoken to you, that no matter what happens to you, there is always a way for you to put it back together, or at least trying to”she remembered.

At the time, Gaga said a lot in the language of the artist, and he decided to talk to you about it in person. The “Stefani [Gaga] just wanted to give me a hug after I am done with this rant. I knew that she had had to face other problems as well, so that was pretty sweet. She just wanted to say thank you, and that she was really, really happy. And, of course, by the looks of it it’s pretty amazing the kind of drama, and I’m just a little girl.”as well, ” says the singer.

After having released two singles, which are supposed to speak about the overcoming of one’s relationship with Jutin Bieber and Selena answered to a fan who asked him “That’s the new song of Selena’s is absolutely not a song?”. “I’m not sure, but does that mean I’m doing something right, so I’m going to continue to do so. I also am glad when people are smiling, dancing and enjoying while you are listening to the musiche said.

The only torcemos to keep it the same, and that is to come, new anthems! Lol, Watch the video in its entirety here: