Charli D ” Amelio has the best reaction possible to see a message from Justin Bieber


How to not freak out with the Justin BieberOUT OF NOWHERE!

So, it is not the star of the TikTok, Charli D Ameliotook a hell of a fright for a live-in with a message from Justin telling her to check her messages! “Will you please check your DM when you’re done with the live, please, please, PLEASE,” he said of the message left by the singer.

The reaction to the Charli was the best one! It is clear without knowing much of what to do right, and, of course, is to see this message, Justin! Check out the video of the moment below:

“It’s a joke! It’s just too darn hard. Please, someone, tell me that he took a print of it. Ok, so I’m going to look at [a DM]!. Thank you very much!”

We are eager to know the contents of the DM, and we hope that the two of them work together on a project for the fans, and they are very excited about the opportunity!

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