Exitoína · Kim Kardashian denies that it has treated the daughter with the shirt, blood-stained, John F. Kennedy: “the Joke business with disease”

After you give a present to his daughter, North West with a jacket that had belonged to the singer Michael Jackson on Christmas, ran into a few sites in the americas, the news broke that Kim Kardashian had bought the t-shirt blood-stained on the former united states president John F. Kennedy’s collection of short. The socialite decided to give public information.

The website Refinery he was the person responsible for the information, and released on Monday (30), and a story talking about the so-called gift from Kim’s husband, Kanye West, the eldest daughter in the family. Featuring a print of a fake that was being passed around on the internet, the story said that the jersey used by former us president John f Kenedy on the day of the murder he had been charged, to the North.

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When you see on the news that were circulating the star of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians decided to give you the information on your social networks. “Oh my god, this is so obviously a fake,” he wrote. “I didn’t buy the t-shirt of John F. Kennedy. This is a joke and sickening that someone else has posted a story on the Instagram’s fake, which I never have.”

After all the claims of the former, and the site is updated, your matter, and you have removed the false information.

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