Kendall Jenner is found guilty in the action of the infamous Fyre Festival


Kendall Jenner is just one of the many celebrities who have been named in lawsuits after they have been paid to show or promote the Festival in Fyre.

The effects of the infamous Festival of Fyre in the fall of 2017, are still being felt, and to some of the stars you are reaching for your bank account. Billy McFarland, the producer is now confined to the supposed festival of luxury, you have missed a lot of investors to fill his pockets with money. It paid off with a series of influencers, media, social, music, and celebrities, to introduce or to spread in the Fyre Festival, but in the end, it was all a hoax nothing short of disastrous.

In August 2019, the administrator of Gregory Messer filed a complaint in the court of bankruptcy, to get a good return on your money that will be paid to the artists, agents, and any person who has won money in the event of scam. Rae Sremmurd, Blink 182, Friend, Released Yachty, Pusha T, and Kendall Jenner, are just some of the names that have been processed.

Jenner has shared posts about it on their social media pages while promoting the event, including mentioning all of the GOOD Music from that of his brother-in-law Kanye West had been planning to participate in the Fyre Festival. In the case against her, she said that she has received more than $ 275 billion because of their involvement in the promotion of the event in the open air, but ordered by a judge to pay over US $ 90 billion. So, in the end, it still took a profit.

In the past year, the New York Times asked Kendall about her involvement in the Fyre Festival, and she has also supported the event. “You are wanted by the people, either to support or help, or whatever it might be, and you will never know how these things are going to happen, and sometimes it’s a risk.” She has added. “I would definitely do as much as possible in the search, but sometimes it doesn’t, there is a great deal of research that you can do about it, because it is a mark, and you have to believe in it and expect it to work the way people say it is.”