Kendall Jenner will have to pay more than R$ 500 thousand to the victims of the Fyre Festival, having sponsored the event for your Install Notes: Glamurama


Kendall Jenner || Credits: Play

Kendall Jenner is going to have to pay an extra$ 90 billion (Us$ 509,8 billion) – money in return for the show’s most highly paid in the world it is a group of the victims of the disaster that has become the Fyre Festival in the fall of 2017, which has been promoted with the promise that it would be in new York but it’s much more luxurious, but in reality it is the opposite of that, and it has gone down in history as one of the most disorganised of late. Her part in the imbroglio that has to do with a post is promotional, which she made on her Instagram a week before the music festival, which took place between the end of April and beginning of may in the year 2017 on the Great Exuma island in the Bahamas.

Without even telling his followers that he had been paid by you for the post, and it was$ 275 thousand (R$ 1.56 million), Jenner had promised them that they would find it “models of the famous” over there, and they also have “food experiences, first-class.” In fact, what happened was the total opposite of that, because even the sandwiches that are served to the paying public on the Fyre Festival and had a cheese and reduced – and, in some cases, even the stuffing, which had such a chaotic mess.

Representative of some of the people who paid for the vacations of your dream in the Bahamas the american lawyer When the Gods decided on a few months ago to sign up with a class action lawsuit against the star of the catwalkson the grounds that he or she may have encouraged his clients to be victimized. The case was dismissed this week, and as soon as the legal representative of the Effects studied, with the possibility of a financial settlement out of court, and that ended up being locked out. The less fortunate had to a Billy McFarland, one of the directors of the Fyre Festival who has been sentenced to six years in jail in the year 2018 due to fraud. (For The Anderson’s Market)