Lady Gaga’s surprise, and moved a fan on during the tutorial of the make-up – Who

Lady Gaga and Brandon Galaz (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Lady Gaga and Brandon Galaz (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Lady Gaga I was moved almost to its followers with an attitude, very cute. The Oscar-winner, who is now critically acclaimed all over the world with his music and it shows every day, and cares for each and every “little monster” as she calls them. One of them Some Galaza student of the sino-american 19-year-old who is absolutely fascinated by the blonde bombshell, and was received with a surprising and emotional.

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The crew of the star is called on the students to test out their products in the new line-up of Gaga’s Haus Laboratories. When you are recording, as long as it was made up, he decided to begin with the reading of a letter to be sent to the king. It was then that she appeared, to the surprise and leaving him in the back.

In the letter, Galaz, talks about the profound influence that Lady Gaga has had on her life, and focuses specifically on the letter Born This Wayon the grounds that the lyrics of the song has helped him to accept his sexuality and to show it to friends and family.

“It’s not like we look that makes us beautiful, right? This is what you are going through and how we survived.”, said the girl to him after the surprise.

Check out the encounter of the Lady Gaga, and, Brandon Galaz

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