Learn about the history of the brazilian who has been a nanny for the family O


Mary Ellen Heames, had a salary of$ 1 million per year

Have dinner with a famous actresses, like Megan Fox, and travel around in private jets, were just some of the commitments of the the brazilian-turned-nanny to the Kardashiansaccording to a report from bbc news. Mary Ellen Heames bahia is 38 years old and had a salary of$ 1 million per year. Can you believe it?!

The most famous of it is, no more, no less Kourtney Kardashian. Up until this past year, Mary Ellen was living in the family home, and it was the nanny-in-chief of three children (yes, this is for real, girlfriend!

Mary Ellen Heames in Minnesota, where he still lives, and Kourtney Kardashian

Mary Ellen Heames in Minnesota, where he still lives, and Kourtney Kardashian (See/@photography_by_thais/Play)

The job of a baby sitter of a luxury in the United States requires the availability of 24 hours a day, six days a week, with access to the credit card account of the family and, at times, the use of a personal cell phone is prohibited. Crazy, isn’t he?

The story of Mary Ellen started, when you lose your parents, if you signed up for a the Au-Pair program and it has been living in the united states. It went on for a number of families from the middle class to enter into a the agency met the celebrity, and some people (a lot!) the rich. In the beginning, he was overwhelmed, and spent us dollars in the shops of the famous brands, but then fell in the actual, and you realize that you don’t hold to the same standard as the consumption of the heads and began to invest in real estate.

Today, the brazilian, who is married to an american man, walked out of the house from Kourtney Kardashian to take care of his daughter, Anna, 9 months, and for you to run your own agency with the advice of the nurses.

What a story, huh?!