Scientists from NASA, to detect evidence of a possible parallel universe


Scientists from the U.s. Space Agency (NASA) found evidence of a possible parallel universe.

The universe would be very close to that of our own, and all the laws of physics, they would be running to the contrary of what you already know.

The discovery, according to the newspaper The New York Postthe group of students was investigating the frozen wastes on Antarctica.

To this end, they used the ‘a’ in Antenna of the Pulse Transient of the Antarctic’ (ANITA) is a NASA. The main objective was to discover the source of the ‘bursts, fast radio’.

As revealed, the phenomenon is strongly linked to a possible parallel universe. During the study, the information that is revealed in the possible world.

According to the site, in spite of the data, there is no way to be sure that there is a parallel universe. In further studies a more complete, should be done soon.