The Covid-19 did Jennifer Aniston to forgive the father who abandoned her in early childhood


Jennifer Aniston put to one side the troubled past that kept him from his father on the infâfor and he took the opportunity to the pandemic the CovidDown 19, to re-establish family ties and a lost to here.

You say to the rumors that the the actor John Aniston left actress in the infâforwhen it was just 10 years old.

“Jen has forgiven his father for having abandoned her-she said that” a source close to the star of the series ‘Friends’, in conversation with the newspaper the Daily Mail.

“Their relationship always had its many ups and downs. She went for years without talking to him, but at the beginning of the crisis in the [novo] coronaviruses she has called him almost every day, and the conversations that took place between them, they are never short,” added the source.

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