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The masks are sold by the company to Kim Kardashian’s sell-out-in-1-hour | Behavior


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The brand of Kim Kardashian sold the skins Photo: Reproduction

The company SKIMS, Kim Kardashian, has released a line of face masks for protection against the coronavirus. Each piece has been announced for $ 8 (around 46 dollars), the consumer has the option to purchase four pieces for a total of $ 25 ($144). As a result, the novelty has been exhausted in a little over an hour.

According to the brand, the products have been manufactured using Nylon and Spandex, and “does not help to reduce the risk of contracting any virus, like the Covid-19”, while reducing the exposure to the fluids of the body.

In addition to the sale of the SKIMS informed that it would donate 10 thousand face masks to help alleviate the effects of the coronavirus.

For all the fans of Kim, who were not able to purchase the masks at the time, the company has announced that “the next batch will be available in the coming weeks”.

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To support the COVID-19 and relief work, efforts and help protect those on the frontline, SKIMS is donating 10,000 to the Seamless Face-Masks to our charitable partners to whom the $1 million has also been distributed. Learn more about each organization and how you can donate in our IG Highlight titled “COVID-19 Relief

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