The mayor pretends to be dead in the coffin, in order to avoid being arrested after violating a quarantine, and hanging out with friends


A story involving the politics of peru has caused controversy in the country around. The mayor of Tantara in Peru, he put on a mask and came in with a coffin to pass by the dead and thus avoid being caught.

According to the newspaper, Publimetro, on the head of the executive, he went out with friends, drinking, breaking of the quarantine, and, of course, the separation of the social.

The police had received a complaint and went to the scene to investigate the situation. My friends also had the same idea and hid it in the drawers.

All of them, including the mayor, have been arrested and handed over to the police unit, according to the law, the peruvian, because of the pandemic.

As it is revealed, however, it is not clear exactly where he and his friends had been drinking, or why there were coffins. He would have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest. Check it out:

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