The signs that they know how to support a partner in difficult times

Some of the signs of the zodiac and will not run away with the fight, and you know very well what they need, not only to face your problems, but also to reach out to those you love in times of trouble.

Check out the sign that you know how to help your partner:

The stars

It is true that this sign can also be impulsive and explosive when angry, but if your partner is in need of support or help, and he will use all his inner strength to meet those needs and solve those problems, by the empathy and self-sacrifice.

The bull

Even hating her, and feeling a little lost with the sudden changes in the taurine can be very strong, and can understand the feelings that are hanging around on the partner. For this reason, it can be next to the one that can, and will come and try to solve it the best way for us through this difficult time.

The lion

The program may be dramatic, but it doesn’t let himself be shaken as easily, due to their trust and confidence. It is in those moments of frustration or obstacles, that it tries to protect those he loves, and guide us to the situations for which they are to be addressed as soon as possible.

The scorpion

For more than a few situations to light up your internal fire of the scorpio, and the anger it has the ability to understand the tragedies of others, and to use their experiences to comfort you, support you, and help those who are in love in every way possible.


The more you tell a lot of “I told you so” and remind you of all the mistakes made by others, the virgo will not rest until you help them solve all the problems of the one who loves you. Practical and analytical, this is a sign stake in your intelligence, while having the sensitivity to put himself in the place of the other.

The sign of capricorn

Even if you fall in pessimism in the face of some of the problems, this is a sign he knew very well what he is expected and must be delivered to the other. Just, grateful, and not afraid of work, he or she will support you and find solutions together with the other efforts.