There are two foods that Jennifer Lopez won’t eat. Chef-of-singer-reveals-the –


Kelvin Fernandez, a prestigious chef, who has worked for a number of years with Jennifer Lopez, he decided to talk to the international media, here are some fun facts about the power of the artist revealed to Us Weekly, the food is prohibited, and the other of which, surprisingly, she’s not very adept.

“I know that She doesn’t like salmon, so if you’re making a salmon for the other people, I’ve got to prepare for a roblado, a cup or the cod fish. Jennifer did not like it, neither the taste nor the texture of the salmon,” he said.

On the other hand, the Kelvin Fernandez he also said that, in the cold, J. Lo will not be left out “the water natural fruits and vegetables.” What may be surprising is that, in addition to the salmon, to the artist, “it is not a big fan of fruit”, shot from the edge of the clock.

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