A councillor of the Bahia, the drunk, is arrested after assaulting police officer in são paulo, brazil


Ernesto Santana, a member of the Holy Mountain, in the state of Bahia, has been arrested after assaulting a Police officer, a Military officer in the south zone of São Paulo, on the night of Thursday (the 21st).

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According to police, the officer was off duty walking along a road when he almost got hit by a car, the model Toyota Corolla. The agent took out his gun and pointed in the direction of the car.

The two of them continued arguing, until Ernesto took the gun from the officer and attacked. Have at least three of the coronhadas, and two shots at the officer.The local councillor and another man who was accompanying him back to the car, and ran towards the center.

Witnesses who heard the shots triggered the authority, which has responded to the PM to the er.

With all the features of your vehicle in the hands of the police to find the councillor for the Avenue of the State, who came to break for the stop sign to try and get away.

On the trail, and it ended up colliding into the vehicle with the wall. Alderman, 35-year-old was caught red-handed for attempted murder, drunken driving and theft had been done.

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