After Katy Perry, Anitta chat with the Jonas Brothers on their live program


Anitta, and the Jonas Brothers.

Anitta, and the Jonas Brothers.Photo-Reproduction And Disclosure

Anitta, 27, surprised his fans on Thursday night (the 21st) to do a video call with a friend) for the program to Anitta the Inside of the House, in the post-mortem takes place. The band is three brothers and a chat with the brazilian to talk about the release of the two songs, “Five More Minutes”, and “X”, which is in partnership with the We-G.

“I was trying to figure out the best way to do this, the clip is in the midst of the years. So, it had, as individuals, for our parts, from our mobile phones the same, and we work with it at a distance. Even so, it was great, and she is the artist of awesome,” she said, ” about How to be a G.

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“This quarantine, we tried to figure out how to make a music video, as we are all in different places. We can put it on all of our cell phone,” adds Joe Jonas.
At the end of the conversation, Anitta questioned about the possible arrival of a new album. “We definitely have a lot of jobs that we completed prior to the pandemic. For the time being, we want to shed some of the songs on this project. We are waiting for the right moment to release it all, and we’re very excited for everyone to hear, “X”, and “Five More Minutes,” said Kevin Jonas. The trio went on telling miss his visits to the country.

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In the past week, Anitta, spoke to a live Katy Perry show. On this occasion, the two exchanged compliments, and I told Anitta: “do You speak for the united states.”

She took the opportunity to talk about the release of “Daisies” and he told me that almost all of the video was recorded in the backyard of his home because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “I hope that will bring good vibes to the world, at this time,” said Katy.

In the end, the funkeira said that the two of you should do a song together, and I took it. “I’m up! Have fun with it. I love you guys in Brazil,” he said.