Angelina Jolie doesn’t let you down fans have to miss the event of the film: “Rude”


Thengelina Diamond it left fans deeply disappointed after having been out of the Cambodia Town Film Festival, where it was awaited with high expectations.

As you progress in the journal, Radar Online, and the ceremony happened this past week in Long Beach, California.

“She’s been all year,” said an organizer of the event at the Art Theatre in Long Beach.

“All of us thought she’d be here,” he said.

According to the publication, the Diamond sent out a press release when the event in which they could just as easily read: “I would Like to be able to be here with all of you and I wish you a festival and a successful and rewarding experience”.

Sources to ensure that the decision-making of the artist it was “unexpected,” and to a certain extent, a little bit “rude” – because, at the end of the week, she was seen at an amusement park in London, a city where you can find the recording of the film ‘The Eternals‘.

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