Drake and Odell Beckham, Jr. it will be handled after the big fight in a night club (Video)


Odell Beckham, Jr. he was allegedly flirting with the girlfriend, the model of the victim, and all night long.

The victim, who has decided not to make charges after you have to take a beating Younes Bendjima, formerly of Kourtney Kardashian, is now promising legal action against you. The victim, Bennett, Sipes, and recruited a legal team in the hopes to bring a cause of action against Drake and Odell Beckham Jr, whom he believes is responsible for the attack. Apparently, Odell has been placed in the VIP section of the nightclub, Delillah, in Los Angeles, with his girlfriend Sipes, the famous model of the Instagram in the Summer’s Ray.

Sipes was in the club, but it was there, working as a prosecutor. According to the lawyer of the Sipes, Colin Jones, at the end of the night, the Sipes addressed the Odell Beckham, Jr. about his flirting with the Summer’s Ray; it is the attitude that there is no star on the TEAM, nor your friend, Drake was so happy that it ended up causing a huge fight involving Younes, who had Odell’s and Drake’s, as well as other members of the EGG.

The alleged victim, Bennett said Sipes.

When the Sipes, and a friend to go to the site through a gate in the back of the house, something has to be said, at the door, that’s for sure by the pictures, which can be seen below. Sipes and Colin Jones, are stating publicly that, in addition to Younes, the more the two men assaulted him and his friend during the attack, and that they were in fact members of the committees and Drake & Odell, Beckham, Jr. For this reason, the Sipes are expecting to receive an award of compensatory damages. Jones said that his client is currently going through physical therapy because of the attack, which took place in march of this year.

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Through our expertise, we are a member of the EGG from actually beating someone in a fight. This is the man who was known as a Habibiz Cafe. Chubbs, another member of the panel of Drake, to try to get Habibiz of the mess, but without success. The other man has not been identified, and it may also be a member of the team, Odell. Please see the images below.