Formula 1: Vettel may be out of options for the period 2021


The strong movement of the market and the drivers of Formula 1 in the past few days, you can leave one of the four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, without a team in the upcoming season. With the announcement that the German would come out of the Ferrari and triggered a chain reaction in the cockpit of some of the teams. On the other hand, the scene heated up this indicates the real possibility of a German 32-year-old to spend at least a year away from the category.

The opportunity was further enhanced when the director of the year, Zak Brown, has stated that it finds it difficult to see Vettel on the grid by 2021. “The great thing is, if Seb wants to go to a team that is probably not going to win. I think that, unfortunately, he’s going to finish it off,” he said in an interview with Sky Sports f1. “I don’t think there is an opportunity to work at Mercedes or Red Bull for himself, and in a Position also don’t,” he said.

One of the last places where you could get Vettel in the next season, it can be used by another world champion. The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso is tipped to return to the category as a rider to the Renault. Far away from the Formula 1 from the year 2018, the two-time champion and has had a long relationship with the scuderia by the French, with whom he lived in the end, the winning of his career, and he won his two world titles in 2005 and 2006.

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The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250

The Spanish newspaper Mark, including, reported that the head of Renault, Cyril Abiteboul, has initiated the contact with Alonso. If the negotiation progresses, the title would have to be a partner of the team, the frenchman Esteban Ocon, which is considered as a young rider and has the potential to be a world champion in the future.

The way Renault is opened because the output of Vettel caused a stir in the Formula 1. For the position of it, his Italian is going to take off Carlos Sainz for the Year, which will bring australia’s Daniel’s Captives, now in the Renault. The French team is really close, with Ferrari, the German is almost not more from the teams ‘ end-of-life.

The last wave would be the “only” in the best team category of the today, Mercedes-benz, which has two riders that are close are only valid until the end of the year. The lotus, which dominates the F-1 from 2014 and must renew in the agreement of the six-time world Lewis Hamilton, but it remains to be seen what will be done, and with the finn Valtteri Bottas. The formation of a team with Hamilton and Vettel would be a promising one for the fans, but it could spell big trouble for the management. This is all, of course, to the cockpit, Bottas will become vacant.



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