James, Charles, creates the reality tv show “Instant Influencer” who is looking for a new super star in the beauty, watch it!


James, Charles, Play, Internet.)

The controversial make-up artist and celebrity on the internet James, Charlesnow you have your own reality tv show, it’s the Instant Influencerto have a partnership with him in the YouTube Original, and that counts with the participation of the socialite Paris Hilton.

In reality, James, who is a great professional of the beauty of the internet, and the search for a new star of beauty, on to the internet. He selected several young men to have participated in, they have to come to the race and show your skills about make-up, and a lot more, the best will become the winner.

The winner of the program, you will earn the amount of 50 thousand dollars, and even if you make the Instant Influencer (which we might translate it as “The new star of the internet” is not a literal translation) .

Participants: Ashley Strong, ” Are Shut up, Christian Perez, Kailin Chase, Britany Renteria and Gabriel Garcia.

Here in Brazil we already have a reality show like that, called the Race of the Bloggers (now into his third season, he is a channel of day to the Depression.

Watch the episode:

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