Jolie and Brad Pitt are back together again, ” says the newspaper: Entertainment


The Daily Mail is reporting that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt established the relationship.

On the night of the couple, Ian Halperin, revealed that the components of the medium that the two of them found themselves in the company of friends, and it was Brad who made the first move. He would have hugged and talked for a long time, talking about anything and everything that you need.

— A lot of tears rolled down. They do not leave a great deal to the side. At that time, they’ve decided to start again from the beginning.

The newspaper claims that the two had made in therapy, and gone through the rehabilitation of intensive. His biographer, speaking of the trouble between husband and wife.

— Angelina believes that it all started to go wrong when they first got married. The relationship has changed, it became boring. The drinking of the Bread is increased. Both of them work too much, and they were traveling constantly with his family. The voltage is increased. Now, they are feeling quite positive. Angelina sees it as an all-new [Richard] He [Elizabeth] Taylor [que tiveram uma relação conturbada, casando e se divorciando duas vezes]. They can’t live together, but they also don’t know how to be apart. They are still in love with each other.

And if you thought that, maybe, the divorce cannot be set aside, Halperin said, that is not how it works.

They see divorce as the worst thing that could happen to you. It’s just a piece of paper, and they feel that once the divorce is finalized, they’ll have a new life to begin.

The two were together for 12 years and broke up last year.