Justin Bieber gets angry with paparazzi and the stalking and without protective masks


Justin Bieber you are very concerned about the pandemic, the coronavirus, and is, therefore, always make it a point to show it on the social networks. On the other hand, on Thursday (the 21st), so he decided to get out of the house, which is permitted in the quarantine, it is only when it is really needed. However, the singer has found new boundaries.

Justin Bieber cares about the coronavirus

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In a video posted on the stories from the Instagram (and later deleted), he pointed out that several of the paparazzi were chasing him. It wouldn’t be a problem, as it is even used. In this case, what we got was that these people had been out of the helmet, an item from the recommended use for the protection of the coronavirus. To be fair, there’s only one of them was.

In the video, Bieber complained to them about the issue of the mask. He wrote the following: “How is it ok that these guy’s are following me without a mask? One guy had a mask on. It should not be allowed to“.

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He wrote down the wrong

A small detail pointed out in this post. For instance, Justin Bieber has received a number of criticisms. In the place of “allowed,” and he wrote back “what”. These are different words in the English language. “Allowed” and “allowed” and “aloud” means “out loud”.

The whole world is wrong, isn’t it?

Justin Bieber gives tips on safety

At the beginning of the pandemic, and Justin Bieber are often made lives on Instagram to give you tips to protect against the coronavirus. He would call for the fans to share in their lives, those who were to steric! One of these was the influence of the brazilian Alvaro.

So, do you know what is going on in the world right now with the Coronavirus?” said Bieber. In the beginning Alvaro was so nervous I asked for a repeat, with no understanding of what was being said. When you had just said that he was washing his hands. “You may want to keep in the house” said the artist. The brazilian has confirmed that he was in the house, and thanked him for a very, very excited about.