Kim Kardashian reveals a very fine, minimalist, and internet users suggest that the new decoration


  (Photo: Instagram/Reproduction
Photo: Instagram/Reproduction

It’s a mansion, but it is completely empty. The brazilian, who did not lose the opportunity to create a stand, got the pictures released by Kim Kardashian in her parents ‘ house. The residence is minimalist and in black and white was on the cover of the magazine-decorative Architetural Digest.

The table of the saints, and of the lord’s Supper, pet friendly, and the towel from the grandma’s all the color are among some of the suggestions made, especially by the brazilians.

There are still some people who put the environment at risk from the movies, or have included scenes from the music videos hipercoloridos to bring a little more joy to your environment.

The house is located in the suburb of the city of Los Angeles, and the decor was designed by belgian designer Axel Vervoordt. “We have seen that the house is incredibly fancy as we strolled through the town. I just had to get to the North, and we were walking a lot so that I could remove some of the fat to the baby,” Kim said in an interview with the magazine.

“I don’t really know the style of Kanye west at the moment, but I thought the house was perfect. He was less than enthusiastic. He said: ‘it Is achievable’. After seven years and three children, the couple decided to invest in a mansion, and you can customize it. The socialite said in an interview that he learned a lot with the decor of your husband who has the sensitivity of the issue.

“Kanye and Kim want something that is completely new. We are not talking about the decor, but it’s a kind of a philosophy about how we live now and how we will live in the future. We moved to a house in the clearing, and we will continue changing the environment, with the intention of leaving him ever more pure,” said Vervoordt.

However, Kim said that it was the voice of the feature, as He and the consultant took down all she remembered: “we Need to get the drawers”.

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